Transhumance means "changing ground". It is the seasonal movement of livestock. When the Fête de la Transhumance takes place, farmers decorate their cows with holly in bloom and flags. When the herd goes by, the sound of church bells and cow bells rings around the valleys and generally arouses the spirit of festivity and conviviality that is so specific to the Aubrac.
Transhumance takes place every year on the weekend closest to 25 May.

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Feast of Saint Fleuret

  • The procession of the Feast of Saint Fleuret is held on every first Sunday in July.
  • Tribute to the Saint begins on Saturday evening with "the Opening of the Holy Body", the first opportunity to gather and pray.
  • Then, on Sunday, the tradition starts with the "Blessing of the Bread and Salt", a ritual during which protection of one's family and one's herd is asked for.
  • Mass comes before the great "legendary and historic procession in honour of Saint Fleuret" through the town of Estaing.
  • A parade featuring 150 people in costume, representing saints from Paradise, members of the clergy, angels, archangels, members of old brotherhoods, pilgrims and the most illustrious members of the Estaing family, worship the relics and gilded wood bust displayed all the way along the narrow streets.
  • The Feast of Saint Fleuret is a dazzling cultural event in the region. Both a religious and a popular custom, it gives an insight into the history of this town that is so closely linked to the worship of its patron saint and to the lords of Estaing.

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Les Médiévales (Medieval Fair)

Brave lord of the village Tristan d'Estaing has gone off to fight with King Philippe Auguste. His betrothed, Yolande de Lévezou, grants two days of festivities and merrymaking to the inhabitants of Estaing and the surrounding area to prepare for his return!
Estaing plunges back into the Middle Ages every second weekend in September.
"Les Médiévales" is a must-see festive event in Haut Rouergue and combines troubadours' songs, acrobats and juggling acts, pretend battles and fortunetelling that thrill a whole town clad in medieval costume. The whole weekend takes you back into the 13C with a medieval market, an array of events by professional troupes, a banquet on Saturday evening, Tristan's challenge and the dubbing of the victorious knight.
A jubilant time is to be had with the people of Estaing who are all dressed up for the occasion!

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